Winery - Vinification

Our winery is located at the heart of the village of Bué.

White Wines and Rosé Wines

As soon as the grapes arrive at the winery, they are transferred to a pneumatic press. The grapes are pressed gently, over an extended period of time so as to extract all of the noble aromas and flavours from their skin and flesh. The juice is then transferred to our thermo-regulated vats where we allow it to settle. Once this is complete, we raise the temperature of our vats to initiate fermentation. When the sugars have been transformed into alcohol, we progressively begin to witness the birth of new vintages.

Red Wines

The grapes are placed directly into thermo-regulated vats where we allow them to cold macerate on the skins for several days before fermentation takes place. This is performed in order to extract all of the grapes’ colour, aromas, and flavours. Then, we allow the temperature of the vats to rise to initiate alcoholic fermentation.

During these two steps of the winemaking process, we perform weekly pumping of the must and punching of the cap. This phase lasts approximately one month. The free-run juice is then run off and we press the must to obtain concentrated juice. We then blend the two. Our wine is allowed to undergo malolactic fermentation at its own speed.

A small portion of our production is transferred to Burgundian barrels made with oak from France’s magnificent forests (Tronçais, etc.) which yields our "Fût de Chêne" Cuvée.

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